What is this blog about?

It’s as a requirement for one of my classes that I started the blog, but after weighting in the advantages of it, I intend to expand its purpose to a journal through my studies in artificial intelligence, at least for now.

Using this blog as a journal is a great way for me to increase my understanding of things that I am working on during both research and courses I take. By forcing myself to write about what I do and read about, it ensures that my understanding is thorough and provides good writing practice.

Most importantly, I find it fun and motivating to share my thoughts!

Who am I?

I am Philippe Lacaille, born and raised in Montreal, I am currently completing my Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Professor Yoshua Bengio and a deep-learning researcher at the Montreal Institute for Machine Learning (MILA).

Before enrolling in my Master’s degree, I was working as an actuary for a consulting firm providing services to companies offering retirement benefits to their employees. After obtaining my Fellowship and completing all the fun exams that actuaries have to do, I felt I needed something more to keep what I like to call “my intellectual curiosity” fed. I always liked the mathematical component of the actuarial profession but as I moved along in my career, I felt like it was becoming less and less.

After realising that machine learning and artificial intelligence was about combining computers stuff and mathematics I was truly excited and wanted to get to it. After reading more about it, I then decided to officially explore the field of AI by enrolling in a Master’s degree at the Université de Montréal. Fastfoward to 2016 and here we are!